June 6, 2011

TesT Sh00T Part IV

Nur Umairah...actually her recent acts bath .. when is tempting umairah (toki ni miryoku-tekina umairahdesu) ときに魅力的なumairahです  

{berbahasa jepun lak yee...translate la sendiri yer...hihihihih}
:: Mummy love u so much ::

::L00k the eyes follow the same ur Dady...::

::Mulut muncung akibat dpd berputing selalu...hhohohohoho::

Meniarap Part I


Nur Umairah starts for lie prone at age 2 months .. it's the first and the last i saw her on the prone .. Nur Umairah betui2 meniarap pada umur 3 months... Here is a picture she prone at age 3 months..sesi bercerita meniarap bb i for 4 month will be continue after tis....

She feeling tired after few times...where is my water~ ~ ~

Trying hard for she grow up.......